Do Medicine Balls Bounce?

Do Medicine Balls Bounce_

Ever find yourself wondering if medicine balls do that bouncy thing?

It’s not a silly question — after all, when you're tossing around these weighted spheres in a workout, it's pretty darn important to know whether you're about to catch a rebound or if it's going to just thud to the ground like your hopes of avoiding leg day.

So, buckle up as we dive into the bouncy (or not-so-bouncy) world of medicine balls!

llamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo. The answer depends on the type of medicine ball you’re using. Let’s overview the three types so you know which ones bounce and which don’t.

Generally, there are three major players in the game: the classic medicine ball, the wall-ball, and the slam ball. Each has its own personality, like different characters in your favorite gym-themed sitcom. The traditional medicine ball is like the old reliable of workout equipment. Typically made from rubber, this ball is designed for a myriad of exercises, from the classic Russian twist to the feared medicine ball sit-up.

Do they bounce? Yes, and they have the highest bounce out of all. As a result, you definitely don’t want to use this type for slamming against the floor — unless you want a bloody nose. Next up, meet the wall-ball. This one is a bit softer and generally larger than your typical medicine ball. Wall-balls (also known as “triple stitched” medicine balls) are specifically designed for—you guessed it—throwing against walls.

They are a staple in many high-intensity interval training routines and CrossFit WODs.

Do they bounce? Yes, and they have a medium amount of bounce. They’re made to absorb impact when hurled at a wall or the ground, but they’ll still bounce back if you throw them with enough force.Last but not least, the slam ball. This tough cookie is built for impact. Made with a thicker, more durable rubber shell and typically filled with sand, slam balls are designed to be, well, slammed.

Do they bounce? No, they don’t bounce at all. This ball is all about energy absorption, making it ideal for high-power moves without worrying about it flying back up and smacking you in the face. For this reason, it’s ideal for slams against the floor. Whether your medicine ball will bounce back depends largely on its type. Choose your ball like you'd choose a dance partner—wisely and based on what moves you want to pull off.

Whether you’re in for a gentle toss or a hardcore slam, there’s a ball out there that won’t leave your workout flat!